A.Website Dynamics:

1. Obesity101 is a project designed to evaluate the efficacy of using the multimedia tools in the teaching process.

2. More details about the project are found in the welcome page.

3. Please review website menu.

4. In order to get a uername and password goto the create account page. Once submit  the data your account will be activated in 24 hours.

5. Please read carefully the disclaimer in the welcome page.

6. Once your account is activated you should be able to login the website

7. To change your password goto MyAccount>Change Password page

8. In case you forgot your password goto Recover Password page

B. Project Authentication:

9. Once you successfully login press the start button

10. You will be directed to the autherization page. Once you press the authorization button the website will detect whether you are a new (IsMember? is blank) or returning user (IsMember? equals 1 or 2).

11. If you are a returning user (completed your demographic data as well as the precourse test) then you will be directed to the modules page. If the participant completed the pre-course test IsMember? should equal 1, otherwise Ismember? will be 2 if participant complted both the pre-and post-course tests.

12. If you are a new user you will be prompted to complete your demographic data.

13. In order to proceed to the precourse test select - I confirm that my above demographic data are correct.

14. The test is a 20 MCQ's and should be completed in 20 minutes. After 17 minutes you will be notified that 3 minutes remaining

15. Once complete the test select accept.

16. Press submit button

17. Press exit button.

18. Obesity101 project consists of different sections which include variety of modules, such as: test files, powerpoint presentations, audio, video, interactive animations, interactive figures as well as MCQ's.

19. Participant's pre-course test result as well as the post-course test result (once completed) should be availabe on the modules page.

20. Paticipants can review their progress in the course as regards the number and frequency of modules reviewd.

21. Once the participant reach a satisfactory level in revewing the course material he/she will be advised to complete the post-cousrse test.

C.Project Material: